Whatever your situation right NOW, and whatever your level of disappointment or contentment with it, you must know – you’re doing ALL of it RIGHT!

You are a MASTER of your current reality.
Let me issue a certificate – such and such mastered their current level.
You earned it.

Done deal!

Now what?

I see many ppl getting upset with themselves for doing something wrong, for not being able to create a breakthrough in their lives… they think in terms of needing to prove something on this current level in order to earn the right to move on…

And they miss the point!

This is simply wrong thinking, that leads to RIGHT actions – right for this current level of their life!

Once you stop being so emotional about where u are and what you have or not have NOW, you can start taking notice of what it really is.

Nothing more, nothing less – just…


It doesn’t matter what level you’re at…

is this a level of NOT ever being able to pay your bills on time?

or a level of hitting a plateau of a 7 figure a year income?

the thing is
YOU created a GLASS CEILING for yourself, and it is there for a good reason.

right there
it is

shielding you from being distracted
from mastering your current reality
it serves its purpose perfectly

all you have to do is to acknowledge that in fact
you’re a master of your current level already
you use your creativity
to the max in this container
and start being grateful for this new awareness
or re-frame…

simply as that
you must decide
that there is NOTHING else for you to do
and you CHOOSE
to let go
abandon this level entirely and move up
to the next level of your choice
(it doesn’t have to be linear neither, once you are able to see it as a game
– you can find the hidden gateways to skip couple levels,
if that is what you desire,
and what you’re ready to receive )

you must decide that what SERVED you at this current level
on the next one…

It’s important
cause your EGO is STICKY
it will always finds something new to stick to
otherwise it will die!

So you have done your inner work to get to where you are,
you killed your previous EGO version
and you got it baby…
but now
EGO is back
like a virus (it’s a game after all, you know;)
so you need to locate it, and kill it again, while knowing it will be back soon…

Anyways the best way to kill ego fast is to
do not take your knowledge
results from the previous level
for granted
cause they might actually be STUMBLING BLOCKS to mastering the next level, babe
in most cases they actually are
that’s why you feel stuck…

and of course the process of unrlearning is the part of mastering the NEXT level
but the faster you realize that it is what it is
the more focused you will get
and the more accelerated will your progress be
it’s again a matter of
whether you want to savor every bit of it
or you want to press the fast-fucking-forward button and
push the limits on your potential for manifesting to the max?

You choose

It is seriously a fun game
but YOU MUST look at it from different perspective baby
don’t mix a subjective with the objective
don’t let your focus on the tree distract you from the view of the forest
don’t let your illusion of what you are
distract you from the truth of what you really ARE

And just know, there is no Prize TO WIN
but unless you are AWARE of this game you play
you can not choose consciously the level you play at
not to mention enjoy it…
easy right?

and as always
Your WAY is the HIGHway, baby
ride or die

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