I’ve always been passionately interested in an idea of the extreme makeovers..
you know like really EXTREME

you know this type of

quantum leaps
dynamic transformations

whatever you wish to call it, you know what I am talking about…

exactly this type of CHANGE that you desired for sooo long,
and can’t quite bring into fruition


So what do I know about extreme makeovers?

::if a client comes to me with 200$ product
and leaves with million dollar recurring income business
::if I had a front row experience witnessing (and partly facilitating) a person’s overnight healing from cervical cancer (!!!)
::if I healed my own ugly anxiety and diabetics
and YES – literally overnight!
…(and just for fun – made two oranges out of one)

does it make you want to read the rest?

good, because this all happened (among other spectacular things)
and this all thought me a lesson

once you are ready
you are fucking ready
and you are unstoppable
and you are spectacular

and also completely unattached
to the way
HOW it is going to happened
you’re entirely focused on the WOW factor

so for instance in the MONEY department
that can mean
that being an entrepreneur is
fucking you up in the A$$ sometimes
because you’re overly attached to the HOW of making money
and you think that the WOW is a result
but it is exactly the opposite!

this is tricky, I know

but t is also very easy, straightforward and elegant

sure you have to PLAY
but you can choose the pace of the game
and once you are ready
for an extreme makeover
for the next level’s next level
for the 2.0 version of YOU
you can also choose to push
the fast-forward button NOW!

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