I was asked to deliver a short bio for the purpose of the BIG FABULOUS WEDDING promo, as a way to introduce myself – hello! THE BRIDE, and of course connect with people who might choose to attend and so on. And the terror begins… (I told you that this would be quite a transformational process).

What do I write?
What do I write?
Fuck… What do I write?

Do I go with the woo woo upon woo woo all the way thing that is ‘normal’ in the online communities, or do I make myself more down to earth, well – more easy to relate to?

Do I list all the skills that I possess, or call myself a ‘transformational coach’ or a writer? to let them know that I actually have a job description of some sort so peeps will not think I am useless?

How many of the online queens have no idea what to say to people when someone ask us what we do on the street… How many of us force labels on ourselves to validate our existence? I wonder.

Is this simply a fear of being judged by ‘real’ people (as in living in the same city as I do – that I have bigger chances to meet on the street one day), and if so – is the fact that I am conducting my business online a way to shield myself from harm (in some way?).

Probably all of that.

Funny thing I started writing this post couple days ago… and I WAS EMOTIONALLY WRECKED.


No charge whatsoever.

Just peace, and harmony.

New normal? I suppose.

I did a very triggering exercise the other day. I’ve written the worst things about why I hate the idea of being… well… famous.

Yeah, I said famous, because this is what was on my mind lately. At this point I am listening to God, a lot. And we discussed couple things about me and my level of contribution… which is not as big as he wants me to accomplish… So when he gave me the number I basically could think of only one person with such following, influence and impact and immediately went online to research about her.

It was Kim Kardashian…

Love her or hate her, girl has a real power to make shit happen – at her fingertips – and also some business grit.

So anyways, after this rather shocking discovery and upon an agreement with God that I won’t be required to make a sextape in order to gain such following… I came to realization that I too have a power on hand to become self-made, self-proclaimed celebrity and influence much broader audience with my message.

I believe that a leader must be leading themselves first. And I’ve done my homework, and still doing it every day. I believe that I was in the process of becoming who I am meant to become for the past decade. At this point I clearly see that all my failures and occasional successes, all the things I went through and felt like dying at the time, led me to this moment in time and space, when I am required by God to use my marketing, business, online, coaching, self-development experience and bridge it into the world of people who are too preoccupied with their third dimensional, day to day ‘realty’ to recognize that they too can create a fabulous life by divine design for themselves. That they too can make their dreams a reality, That they too are indeed divine beings and CAN and even MUST accomplish promises of the divine. That they too can feel, what I can feel and feel it often – the total, absolute, ineffable BLISS.

And in order to accomplish that I went though a very dirty laundry of limiting or even harming beliefs, striping down layers of conditioning upon layers of conditioning upon layers and LAYERS and L A Y E R S of conditioning that reach ancient times of when patriarchy was even initiated. I endlessly talked to God and my spirit guides and they all want me to tell you – this is the time to take what is yours, be who you came here to be, receive the BLISS that is your birthright. That’s it, and there is so much more.

BUT in order to receive it we must give up all the bullshit, I mean it is REALLY that stinky to find out your deepest, most primitive fears, and better yet to discover that they have nothing to do with your truth and were basically occupying your divine space for wayyy tooooo fuckingggg longggg – and yeah that made me angry a bit.

Just see that UNEDITED AND RUN THROUGH GOOGLE TRANSLATOR (It was written on polish, my mother tongue) excerpt (the list was actually 4 pages long – 4 FUCKING PAGES!!!)

“I hate and feel offended by the idea of receiving a lot of money as a celebrity / transformation leader, for being myself and sharing my life because:

Because you can not just make money for just BEING yourself, you have to do something, contribute, create value, work, sell, coach, whatever !!! something that would confirm that I am a valuable investment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bc taking money for the very presence, being somewhere is like being a stupid dummy with nothing to say
Because if someone is pretty, then he must be stupid, and if someone is smart, he must be ugly to be taken seriously
Because you can not have everything in life
Because why should I wash dirt in public, it will kill my mother when I say openly about my childhood and my relationship with her?
Because what I have to say is too controversial and will cause me more enemies than friends
Because I’ll make a fool of myself
Because I have a dicky character and moronic ideas and people will find that I am insane and take my children away
Because people from my past will denigrate me in the media
Because the money is dirty and they raise people’s low instincts and wake up in me too
Because the money can be received properly only for heavy, valuable work for society
because if I have a lot of money and a great life, people will haunt me”

This is scary.

What is scary about it is, how I used to be living my life according to this (and other) beliefs.

What is scary in this is that all of those shouldn’t even be a concern in a healthy world and societies based on love, creativity and collective individualism rather than fear, competition, scarcity and xenophobia.

Don’t be fooled. “Equality doesn’t mean equality now” (ACIM) – this is not a statement of superiority, as this is a statement of responsibility. As an evolved being, the ONE that feels, sees, hears, knows MORE – you are responsible for counterbalancing fear and competition energies by CONTRIBUTING YOUR message to thousands and millions of people!

So how do you do that? By building your following, becoming sorta kinda a new self made celebrity, using tools and marketing for building channels and funnels through which people will travel emotionally, vibrationally, mentally, spiritually and physically towards their own personal, deliberately crafted, blissfully fabulous lives…

WHY is it necessary? Why can’t we just sit in a circle of mutual adoration and meditate out way to enlightenment and transformation of the planet? Because those who you’re meant to serve are on may different LEVELS, some of them are not tuned into the level of subtle e-motional understanding, intuition and trust, like you! Don’t be a snob, babe. Guard your vibration, defend your truth, but your body is to be put on the altar and shared with the world (shared, not given away in an act of martyrdom, ok?).

You kinda have to be in their face all the time, sharing your message like your life depends on it, using whats available today (hello – INSTAGRAM?!) as your platform, your altar, your church! Using your presence to change dynamics in places and spaces, your wisdom to transform minds and hearts, your vibe to attract, create and lead your tribe.

Babe, GOD has a new assignment for ya – it’s your time to become a new kind of celebrity – a TRANSFORMATIONAL CELEBRITY. Ready, set, GOOO!

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