So I inquired today for some family constellation services and once I got the response (I had this done YEARS ago and wasn’t happy with the results…now I know that the lack of results was on me, I feel this type of work would clear quickly some specific things I have on my spiritual plate right now)

So the response was whatever this and that
and it’s done by phone (fine with me)
and you need shoes for the constellation (fun)
and it takes 3-4 hours…

wait, whaatt?

I mean, I like the idea but…
3-4 hours of uninterrupted at home time???

Now it actually terrified me to discover that since Max was born last April I really did NOT have undisturbed at home time for myself AT ALL!?

Yet I was able to do so much freaking INNER WORK – you know this kind of messy, loud, moaning inner work that brings SUPER FA$$$T RESULTS (I had things like while EFT-ing on a specific thing, two clients would contact me exactly at the time I finished the script for instance, and money flowing to my PP account when doing other inner work stuff)…

shift shit on a massive scale and get epic results
despite the fact I technically didn’t have time for that,
nor I had space in most instances.
I mean, even with the nanny around,
some type of work can’t be simply done…

I think it’s just the matter of priorities.
My inner work comes first all-ways.

If I had to choose between a shower and my inner-work
I would choose the INNER WORK Every. Single. Time.
and let the outside world deal with my dirty hair and stained t-shirt (sorry, but not sorry #mommylife)).

You see.. self-care is not looking and smelling pretty for the admiration or acceptance of an outside world, or going th the spa to take a selfie in front of a mirror to show on FB how seriously you take that ‘love yourself first’ TREND.

Self-care is taking care of that ugly, unattractive and messy parts of yourself FIRST. Without that your beautiful self(ie) will be empty as fuck and even best makeup and best filter will not fix that.

Self-care is knowing when you ABSOFUCKENLUTELY MUST be left alone to process your shit, even at the price of upsetting your children, husband, clients or president of your country…

This is a new kind of PRODUCTIVITY
simply stated
I went from 20% inner work / 80% unfocused hustle
(more like throwing shit on the wall and seeing what sticks)
to a divinely inspired
80 to 90% inner work / 10-20 ALIGNED ACTION (inspi)ratio…
the payoff?

Divine Acceleration in Manifesting my Desires
(you now the FA$T and FAB-YOU-LOUS way of receiving, not the confusing brainwash most of the LOA gurus out there call ‘Manifesting’)
and of course more

Aligned $$$…

Baby, it’s all it takes to
co-create with the Universe
and create fabulous life by divine design
only the proportions change
INNER WORK comes first
everything else will follow (in the most fabulous way possible;).

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