that client who seemed like a daydream, but ended up being a nightmare??.

that project that you were so excited to launch but became so bored and tired with way too soon…

that subtle nauseous sensation in your stomach, when you take a photo for your Instagram, trying to look ‘on brand’, but in reality concealing the fact you are tired, bored, your house is a mess, your husband didn’t touch you in weeks…. and no, you’re not having fun at all!

you feel like you’re loosing it

what once worked, no longer works!!!

it gets harder and harder to fill up your programs
funnels don’t convert as they once did
conversion drops
people unsubscribe from your lists

but you are keeping the poker face
smiling through tears
desperately tying to maintain your status
or rather to control
the damage

it doesn’t matter whether you are a millionaire
or just starting out in business
whether you sell low end
high end
or middle end…

if you’re doing it
or ANYTHING really
from a place of waitress mentality
it’s gonna cost you
your sanity
your soul
and your business

so how does it feel like?
how do I know you have it?

symptoms might look like:
::you keep attracting nightmare clients (that start as a daydream btw)
::you serve your clients, not your purpose ← BIG ONE!
::you need to put on the show, sacrifice the ‘ugly’ unlovable pats of you in order to impress your clients/community/partners/parents
::slowly but surely you get bored/trapped by your business…

maybe it’s not as dramatic at first
but slowly, yet surely
you give away your power
and soon
you realize
that you’ve got into the dead end again!

so what’s the cure, you might ask?
seal those power leaks
become unfuckwithable
take your inappropriate, perverse, DARK AF ‘WHY’
and turn it into high octane fuel to your purpose
(also potentially explosive, so use with caution)

and remember
Your way Izzz the motherfucking HIGHway, always!


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