You are not a REBEL if you are doing EXACTLY what others expect you to NOT TO DO…

You might THINK you found YOUR WAY, but it’s exactly the opposite of THEIR WAY.

You take pride in being a black sheep, but to be honest, black, green or pink… you are still being a sheep…

This is not freedom, this is not independence – it’s CONTRAdependence, which btw is the ugliest and most hurting (yourself) form of CO-dependence.

So do you know how it goes? Below you’ll find the Stages of interpersonal dyna-mix, so you can see for yourself where you’re at:

1. Dependence – your survival depends on others. Think of a newborn baby. Enough said. You are well beyond that.

2. Co-dependence – you THINK you survival depends on others because this is what you have been thought, BUT the fact is that ‘their’ survival depends on you, most of the times emotional survival, this is why you have been conditioned to think the opposite. How fun….. not really.

3. Contra-dependence – you start to rebel against the ppl you think your life depends on (mommy, daddy, coach, mentor?)… but you don’t know that you basically are still STUCK in step 2, you still give your power away to them… to others… basically BECOMING THEM and driving yourself crazy. You constantly swing between thinking you are independent, rebellious, inadequate…

4. Independence – it is a tricky stage. It has its faux twin and many evil siblings. Independence is not NOT being dependent on anyone or anything. It is impossible to achieve from this standpoint. Let me cut you off from the supply of air and you will know what I mean.

Independence is not a goal. It is a state of IN dependency.

Now this is tricky because your IN-side can be ego driven. Independence from EGO driven standpoint will put you in a heartless hustle, competitive mindset, resentment of clients and money, regardless of the level of an ego-driven success you achieved.

Independence achieved from this mindset will result in ISOLATION.

From money, clients, love and God.

As long as you use independence as in “I am independent FROM something, someone…” it as a form of co-dependency or contra-dependency in disguise.

Mission accomplished -> you are now a BLACK SHEEP, you just don’t realize that a sheep is a sheep, no matter the color! Most coaches are still operating from this level, thinking that going against the ‘industry standard’ is their CLAIM to FAME. But this is where most get stuck, and this is NOT the end of the game… but only till you TRANSCEND yourself, and realize you are GLOR-YOU-$$$ and you’re not a sheep, but a TIGRESS ,who are meant to revolutionize the industry and transform the World, you can get this.

Baby, ego has it’s ways..
but not when you know your true IN and where it’s coming from.
You are an extension of Source and this is your IN and only IN to be dependent on.

Now… if your strong willed, conditioned with layers and layers of programming, ego driven mind would actually let go of the need to control and become a devoted follower rather than a confused leader in the Empire state of your IN-dependent SELF… you would quickly realize that this STATE is just a stage… and a VERY short one indeed.

Then and only then you can go BEYOND the dynamics ruling the industry, your life and/or business and go to the next level of…

5. INTRA/INTERdependence – the co-creation at its best. Whether between people. groups of people (INTER) or → you and YOU ← (INTRA: as between you and your higher-self, the Universe, the Source) Interdependence is a Holy Grail of business game.


But it’s available ONLY to you if you’re willing to let go of the NEED to be:
by other people
and are ready to DISRUPT the coaching industry
create legacy
follow your SOUL’S PATH
without looking for approval
or disapproval (contra-dependance is doing exactly that:)
start a real revolution
and become what others are only dreaming about

– a transformation in ACTION –

be the one who dares, baby.
And as all-ways
Your Way is the HIGHway

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